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Autores: David E. Longnecker, David L. Brown, Mark F. Newman, Warren M. Zapol

McGraw-Hill Professional
Edição: 1ª (Dez 14, 2007)

The new benchmark in anesthesiology

Written and edited by an internationally known team of experts, Anesthesiology gives you a 360-degree view of the field, covering all of the anesthetic considerations, preparations, and procedures for the surgical patient, the pain patient, or the critical care patient. You'll find a unique balance between clinical information, practical clinical procedures, and the molecular and basic scientific underpinnings of anesthesiology practice.

Anesthesiology delivers a multi-perspective, wide-ranging view of anesthetic drugs, procedures, co-morbid diseases, and need-to-know postoperative pain management strategies. This essential guide not only focuses on general anesthesia, but also is the first to feature a detailed look at the subspecialty of regional anesthesia.

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