domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

The Chronic Pain Management Sourcebook

The Chronic Pain Management Sourcebook
Autor: David Drum
Editora: McGraw-Hill
Edição: 1ª
Ano: 1999

There are few things as debilitating to the body and soul as chronic pain. "The physical and emotional suffering that accompanies chronic pain tries the body and the mind, and tests the limits of the spirit and the self," writes David Drumm. "You may feel helpless and alone, crying out for relief in the night." This book is an empowering tool for taking action to help yourself, managing your attitude as well as your pain, and discovering how you can live life as fully and joyously as your condition allows. The book discusses the treatment of chronic pain, including how it is different from acute pain, the physiology and causes of pain, and how your mental outlook and emotions can make your pain either better or worse. It covers how exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction, medications, and social/spiritual support can help. Case studies of the experiences of people living with chronic pain add a human element. Plenty of tips, guidelines, and exercises for dealing with pain make this book immediately useful. If you (or a loved one) experience chronic pain, whatever its cause, this book will certainly teach something new, helpful, and hopeful.

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